Charter School of New Castle 2022-2023 Application

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Thank you for considering Charter School of New Castle, where your child will have the opportunity to receive an excellent education.


To enroll in Kindergarten, students must be 5 years old by August 31.

Frequently asked Questions

What is a Charter School?
A charter school is a public school that operates independently of the district board of education under a charter granted by the state. Charter School of New Castle (CSNC) offers parents an alternative public school choice. Charter School of New Castle is committed to helping parents make an informed decision about whether CSNC is an appropriate option for their student(s).

What makes Charter School of New Castle unique?
Charter School of New Castle is a K-8 institution dedicated to acknowledging the learning differences of each individual child and nurture the uniqueness of each family structure.  We offer rigorous instruction directly aligned to the Common Core State Standards. One of our distinctive features is a targeted focus on reading, math and character development.  Within our daily structure, we have created routine systems which allow additional instructional time in these focus areas.  Additionally, we have two counselors who monitor and oversee the social and emotional needs of all students.  We are committed to ensuring that students receive both the academic and personal skills needed to be college and career ready.

Where is CSNC located?
Charter School of New Castle is a K-8 Charter school servicing approximately 800 students. Both Elementary and Middle School campuses are located along the Delaware River, in modern buildings, providing scholars with a college feel. At the Elementary school, we have over 500 students enrolled and the Middle school has over 300 students enrolled. Charter School of New Castle is a family-focused charter school that prides itself on academic excellence, staff coaching/collaboration, and national best practices.

Are students provided transportation?
Transportation is provided by the school for all students. Transportation is a privilege for students. Because we are a charter, we have bus stops throughout New Castle County, whereas District schools have stops on each corner.

Who can attend a charter school?
All children in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade are welcome to apply! All Kindergarten students must be 5 by August 31st of the applying school year. By state law charter schools are voluntary and subject to open enrollment policy. If more children apply than there is space for a lottery is held. No child may be required to attend a charter school.   

Will special education services be offered?
Yes, children with special needs receive services comparable to the services they would receive at a district school. The school provides the full range of special education and Title 1 services to charter school students as specified in Individual Education Plans, 504 Plans, English Language Learners’ Plans, or Title 1 plans.  CSNC receives its proportionate share of IDEA and Title 1 funding to provide instructional specialists for students who need remedial instruction and curriculum modification. Charter School of New Castle also provides services by the school psychologist, the school nurse, the school counselors, occupational therapist, the speech therapist, the reading specialists, and other required student services.

How are students selected?
Current CSNC students are serviced first and receive first priotiy to open seats. If there are additional seats available, and a family applies we can move forward with our Enrollment process. Once CSNC has received all of the required documents listed on the Enrollment Checklist for each student, each student will be selected randomly. Charter School of New Castle is a “first come, first serve” basis Charter School. In the event that the number of students who wish to attend exceeds our capacity, enrollment preference is first extended to the student(s) of CSNC employees and  then, siblings of current students second. Existing students are exempt from a public random enrollment lottery drawing. CSNC uses non-discriminatory processes in admissions and actively recruits a diverse student population from all of New Castle County and beyond as long as the student(s) is a State of Delaware resident. If applicants exceed the number of openings, a lottery must be held to determine enrollment.  

How will I know when my child is accepted?
Enrollment is not complete and a space is not reserved until all required documents are submitted and the parent(s)/guardian(s) sign the Enrollment Acceptance Form. The requirement for parent(s)/guardian(s) to sign an acceptance form is pursuant to Title 14, Chapter 5, Section 506(c)(3) and 506(d) which reads:

506(c)(3) A charter school shall obtain a written confirmation, signed by a parent or guardian of each student in that student's initial year of attendance at the charter school, that the student will remain in the charter school for at least 1 school year. That confirmation shall include a statement reading:

"I understand that my child is required to remain in this charter school, in the absence of any condition constituting good cause, for at least 1 school year" 

Does the student body wear uniforms?
All students, grade Kindergarten through 8th are required to wear school uniform. Each student wears polo shirts with the school logo and black khaki pants. Shirts are sold at the school’s Main Office for a low cost, however pants must be purchased from your choice of clothing store. Closed toe shoes are required all school year.

Who should I contact if I have any additional Enrollment questions about CSNC?
Please feel free to contact Sharonna Morris for Elementary School students or Kina Hamilton for Middle School students with any questions, comments or concerns. We will be glad to assist your family in any way.

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