Christina School District KN 2022-2023 Application

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Welcome to Christina School District Choice!

The Christina School District (CSD) is a Delaware public school system serving more than 14,000 students in New Castle County. As one of the largest school districts in the state, students have access to many exceptional opportunities, including professional learning, college credits, and special education programs. Our commitment to education matches our commitment to adopting new technologies. Christina also approaches learning in a unique way. Students can learn both virtually and in-person. This allows students and families the benefits of attending a traditional classroom and the benefits of virtual learning. The district currently serves the City of Newark and its surrounding suburban areas and a portion of the City of Wilmington.

General School Choice Information

A parent residing within the State of Delaware may seek to enroll that parent’s child in a public school in any school district, charter school, magnet school or vocational-technical school through this application. Any student not currently registered in a public school (excluding charter schools) in the State of Delaware must be registered in their School of Residence before submitting a Delaware Standard Application for Educational Options. Click here to search for your child’s School of Residence and check with your School of Residence for required paperwork.

Note: All students applying to a Delaware Public School District and/or Charter School must first register in their School of Residence before submitting a School Choice application.

Chinese Immersion Program - Elementary & Middle School
(Grades K, 6-8)

The Christina School District offers a Chinese Immersion Program at Downes Elementary School for grades K-5 and Shue-Medill Middle School for grades 6-8.  More than forty years of research documents the power of immersion education to help students attain high levels of world language proficiency.

  • Kindergarten - Grade 5 (limited seating for grades 1-5 based on previous language knowledge and background) - The Chinese Immersion Program at Downes Elementary School is open to students entering Kindergarten with limited capacity available for grades 1-5.   To apply:
    • Complete the Delaware Standard Application for Education Options (Choice) Application, select ‘Downes Elementary School’  from the school drop down menu and then select ‘Chinese Immersion’
    • All students who select the Chinese Immersion program at Downes Elementary School must complete a Choice application whether they reside inside or outside of the feeder pattern for Downes Elementary.


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