Christina School District KN 2018-2019 Application

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Special Programs Information

Dual Language Immersion – Chinese - (Available for Kindergarten and 1st grade students only)

The Christina School District offers a dual language immersion program in Chinese at Downes Elementary School.  Students receive instruction for half the day in English for reading, language arts and for support in mathematics, science and social studies.  During the other half of the day, students receive instruction in Chinese in Chinese Language,  mathematics, science, and social studies.  Students continue to be taught in a similar fashion receiving instruction in Chinese for half the day and English for the other half through 5th grade. Currently, Downes has classes up to third grade, and the students have been very successful.  More than forty years of research documents the power of immersion education to help students attain high levels of world language proficiency.  Applications are open to all students entering kindergarten or first grade only with limited capacity available.  Parents who feel that their child might have significant communication delays in their first language should seriously weigh the pros and cons of applying to an immersion program.  Parents interested in the Chinese Immersion program should contact Downes Elementary School directly with questions.  When applying for the program, please be sure to select “Chinese Immersion KN-1” from the drop down when selecting Downes Elementary as your school educational option.



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