POLYTECH High School 2024-2025 Application

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Families who plan to apply to POLYTECH High School from out of state or families who are currently attending private or home schools will need to register with their home district before completing the application with us.

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Thank you for your interest in POLYTECH High School. Please be aware that the majority of the communication related to your application will be communicated via email. Therefore, it is important you maintain a current email address in the SchoolChoiceDE.org system. If you need to change your email, click on the Edit Profile link on the homepage for SchoolChoiceDE.org.

The completed and eligible applications that shall be exempted from the lottery process and that shall be granted automatic acceptance are the following: 1) Children of current POLYTECH School District Board Members and full-time district employees; 2) Siblings of children who will be returning to the school for the following academic year and siblings of those selected during the lottery process.

Important:  A 1st Quarter Report Card is required to complete the application.  Interim Reports are not acceptable.  (Uploaded report card must be JPG or PDF)

Muchas gracias por su interés en POLYTECH High School.  Por favor, sepa que la mayoría de la información relacionada con su solicitud le será comunicada a través de correo electrónico.  Por lo tanto, es importante que usted mantenga una dirección de correo actualizada en el sistema de SchoolChoice.org.  Si usted necesita hacer cambios de su correo electrónico, vaya al enlace de la página SchoolChoice.org  y edite su perfil.

Un solicitud que esté completa y legible no tendrá que participar en el proceso de lotería y será aceptada automáticamente si cumple alguno de los siguientes requisitos: 1) Hijos de un miembro del Comité del Distrito  Escolar de POLYTECH así como empleados del distrito a tiempo completo; 2) Hermanos de estudiantes que regresen a la escuela de POLYTECH durante el siguiente año académico y hermanos de los seleccionados durante el proceso de lotería.

Las boletas de calificaciones provisionales no son aceptables.

Please have the following documents ready to upload to the application:

  1. 1st Quarter Grade Report Required

The following grade(s) are available to choose from for POLYTECH School Choice:


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