Seaford School District Kindergarten 2024-2025 Application

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Note:  A parent residing within the State of Delaware may seek to enroll that parent’s child in a public school in any school district, charter school, magnet school or vocational-technical school through this application. Any student not currently registered in a public school in the State of Delaware must be registered in their School of Residence before submitting a Delaware Standard Application for Educational Options.  Click here to search for your child’s School of Residence and check with your School of Residence for required paperwork.

Important School Information

  • If you are interested in your kindergarten student attending a Spanish Immersion program, please select either Blades Elementary or West Seaford Elementary and select the program Spanish Immersion.

Seaford School District Adopts News Attendance Zones and New Elementary School Configurations

During its March 21, 2016 meeting, the Seaford School District Board of Education voted to create two new attendance zones for the District’s elementary schools and to establish paired K-2 and 3-5 schools in each zone.  Students who live in the northwestern part of the District will attend West Seaford Elementary School (K-2) and Central Elementary School (3-5).  Students who live in the southeastern part of the District will attend Blades Elementary School (K-2) and Frederick Douglass Elementary School (3-5).  

Parents of current students will receive official notification of their child’s assigned school for the 2024/2025 school year.  The District wants to ensure the accuracy of this information and is currently reviewing student data before providing official notification to parents.  In the interim, parents may use the provided link to the Department of Education website to find an unofficial school assignment.  The ‘School Feeder Search’ allows users to determine their assigned school(s) based upon their physical address and a school district’s feeder patterns.  Search by entering the address that you would like to map and then click on the street name to view the feeder pattern.  The tool will also link to a google map of the address.

The Seaford School District will continue to provide specialized services to students assigned to the District’s OH and Autism programs; however, students will attend District elementary schools based upon their grade levels and assigned programs. District students being provided services through the Seaford OH program with attend West Seaford Elementary School (K-2) and Central Elementary School (3-5).  Students in the District’s Autism program will attend Blades Elementary School (K-2) and Frederick Douglass Elementary School (3-5).

Students who currently live outside of the Seaford School District, but attend an elementary school within the district through the out of district choice program will be placed in a Seaford school.  However, it may not be the school that was originally requested for choice due to the grade reconfiguration.  Parents of these students will receive further notification of the process that will be used to assign their child(ren) to a Seaford elementary school.

Anyone having questions related to the new elementary school attendance zones should contact the Seaford SD District Office at 629-4587.


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